The St. Louis County Circuit Court is comprised of twenty-one (21) Circuit Judges, fourteen (14) Associate Circuit Judges and eight (8) Commissioners. Each judge and commissioner is assigned to a specific division, except for the Probate Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner.

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Honorable Mondonna L. Ghasedi

Associate Circuit Judge, Division 43

Associate Civil

Mondonna L. Ghasedi was appointed associate circuit judge in October 2016.

Judge Ghasedi graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Arts in political science, with distinction, in 1996. She received her law degree in 1999 from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law.

She was engaged in the private practice of law from 1999 to 2016 in St. Louis.

Judge Ghasedi is a member of the Missouri Bar, St. Louis County Bar Association, Women Lawyer's Association and serves on the Executive Committee of the Missouri Association of Probate & Associate Circuit Judges as Historian. In November 2017, Judge Ghasedi was appointed by Chief Justice Zel Fischer to the Task Force for the Preparation of a Circuit Realignment Plan. Judge Ghasedi was accepted into the Missouri Court Management Institute for 2021-2022. She also currently serves on the board of directors of Girls on the Run.

She lives in St. Louis County.

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All notices must indicate if the hearing is being held in person or by WebEx. Until further notice, Division 43 is hearing all matters by WebEx, including all hearings, bench trials, case management conferences, small claims, child support contempt matters and motions.

If parties and/or attorneys are having difficulties connecting or need to schedule a matter in Division 43 you may contact the Division 43 Clerk at (314) 615-1543 or Please note that during a docket the Clerk is unable to answer the phone. Therefore, please attempt to at least 5 minutes prior to your assigned time slot in case there are any issues.

The court strongly urges all parties to use a device that will allow them to be visible to the court. There are public computer stations available at the courthouse in Clayton which have video capabilities. In addition, there is a satellite branch of the St. Louis County Circuit Court at the Crossings at Northwest Plaza where you can also find public computer stations with video capabilities.

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Please mute your microphone upon entry to the meeting and remain muted until directed to unmute.

For rules regarding video conferencing appearances and hearings in St. Louis County, please review Administrative Order 43

Recording or creating images of any portion of Court proceedings
is strictly prohibited by the Missouri Supreme Court, by Local Rule 9.5,
and by standing Order of this Division.

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