Pursuant to St. Louis County Circuit Court Administrative Order Nos. 13, 14, and 15 and Supreme Court of Missouri Order dated March 16, 2020, the Probate Court shall remain open subject to the limitations set forth in said orders. The Court will continue to accept all electronic filings and staff will be processing them in the normal course of business. Until April 3, 2020, the only matters being heard by the Probate Court are Civil Commitment matters (Applications for 96 Hour Detention and Petitions for An Additional 21 Day Detention), Petitions for Electroconvulsive Shock Therapy, and Emergency Petitions for Appointment of a Guardian and Conservator. All other non-emergency hearings will be continued. Attorneys filing an Emergency Petition for Appointment of a Guardian and Conservator must call the clerk for the judicial officers immediately upon filing the Petition. Staff will be available during regular business hours to answer questions by phone. No in-person meetings or appointments will conducted until after April 3, 2020. However, the Court will still have staff available to accept Applications for 96 Hour Detention and original copies of wills and commissions. Both Applications for 96 Hour Detentions and original copies of wills and commissions will be filed at the ground level of the Circuit Court. Please continue to monitor the Probate Court’s website as the circumstances may change from day-to-day.

Probate Court

105 S. Central Avenue, 5th Floor, Clayton, MO 63105

Probate Information: 314-615-2629

Probate Fax Telephone Number: 314-615-8293

Hours of Operation - Monday through Friday - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Hon. Ellen Levy, Division 11


The St. Louis County Circuit Court, Probate Court, hears and determines matters pertaining to the body of Missouri law which provides for the orderly transfer of property upon death, the appointment of guardians and conservators, and the commitment for treatment of mentally ill persons.

The probate court was created in 1877 when St. Louis County became a governmental entity separate from the City of St. Louis.

From carefully handwritten inventories listing wagon wheels and farm implements to computer print-outs detailing the administration of estates with millions of dollars of "worldly goods", probate records reflect the growth and change of St. Louis County. Even with the volume and complexity of current probate proceedings, staff strive to maintain that same attention to detail and concern for "making the record" with which the clerk in 1877 carefully hand copied the wills filed in the court.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: Circuit Probate Case information is available for all public cases that were converted from the previous automated system or entered into the courts case management system (JIS) on or after July 12, 2004. If you are attempting to search for a probate case filed prior to July 12, 2004 and it is not in Case.net, please call the General Information number for St. Louis County Court 314-615-2629 or inquire at the St. Louis County Courthouse, Circuit Probate Division in St. Louis County, Missouri.

Please Note: There is a ten (10) page limit for all fax filings. Office Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday