The St. Louis County Circuit Court is comprised of twenty-one (21) Circuit Judges, fourteen (14) Associate Circuit Judges and eight (8) Commissioners. Each judge and commissioner is assigned to a specific division, except for the Probate Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner.

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Honorable John R. Lasater

Associate Circuit Judge, Division 38

Family Court

Division 38, Judge John Lasater, is currently assigned to the Family Court COVID Update:
The Supreme Court of Missouri has ended COVID-19 protocols as of February 25, 2022.
Therefore, in Division 38, all matters where testimony is received, such as trials, motions, default hearings, name changes, and non-contested dissolutions shall be conducted in person.
All Order of Protection dockets are conducted in person as of January 31, 2022.
Webex videoconferencing will only be used in matters where the Court has stated on a court order that the matter will be held by Webex.

If a party would like to schedule a settlement conference, a non-contested/non-testimony motion, a default hearing or a minor name change, use the Acuity link below. Settlement conferences and non-contested/non-testimony motions are scheduled early morning on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays as well as all day on Fridays. They are set at 15 minutes in duration. Default hearings and minor name changes are scheduled on Monday mornings. They are set at 30 minutes in duration. If your matter requires more than the set time, you will need to contact the division and obtain a special setting.
All other matters (Trials, PDLs, Motions for Contempt, Family Access Motions, etc.) are set by the court.

Attorneys and parties should have a settlement conference on their case before requesting a PDL date. ALL PDL'S FOR MAINTENANCE OR CHILD SUPPORT SHALL COMPLY WITH §452.315.

Acuity Scheduling:
All attorneys must e-file a notice of hearing within 24 hours of setting a matter in Acuity. The time set in Acuity will not be honored if a notice of hearing is not e-field.
For any other questions regarding scheduling matters in Division 38, you may call the Division 38 clerk at 314-615-1538.

Exhibits for trials may be delivered to Division 38 and may also be sent electronically to:

Webex Information: (if the Court has granted permission for the matter to be by Webex)
If your matter has been ordered by the court to be heard via Webex, click here:
Additional Webex information:
Meeting number for Division 38: 146 048 4966
Call in number for Division 38: 1-408-418-9388
You can access Webex by going to or downloading the Webex app on your smart phone or tablet.

Self-Represented Parties:
Required Litigant Awareness Program.
Every party to a dissolution of marriage, legal separation, determination of parentage or modification of any of those actions may represent themselves in court. Rule 88.09 of the Supreme Court Rules of Missouri provides that you must complete a litigant awareness program unless it is waived by the circuit court. The program explains the risks and responsibilities of self-representation. You can take the program online at

That website also has information on the different family court actions, approved forms, frequently asked questions and other resources.
Self-Represented parties will have to follow the Missouri Rules of Court at as well as our local court rule for Family Court matters Rule 68: This Court can send our Instructions for Self-Represented Individuals in Family Court to you if you call 314-615-1538.

Judge John Lasater was appointed associate circuit judge in 2017 and retained by the voters of St. Louis County in 2018.
Prior to his appointment he served as an assistant prosecuting attorney for St. Louis County for 23 years. He served in judicial clerkship for the Missouri Court of Appeals from 1991 until 1993.
Judge Lasater received a bachelor of science degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He received his law degree from Washington University in St. Louis in 1991.
He is a past president of the St. Louis County Bar Association and the Lawyers Association of St. Louis. Judge Lasater is also a member of the Missouri Bar and the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis.

Courtroom: 286
Floor: 2 North
Milton Green
Phone: 314-615-1538
Fax: 314-615-5783

WebEx Meeting Link:

Call in number:  1-408-418-9388  (tolls apply)
Meeting number:   146 048 4966

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