The St. Louis County Circuit Court is comprised of twenty-one (21) Circuit Judges, fourteen (14) Associate Circuit Judges and eight (8) Commissioners. Each judge and commissioner is assigned to a specific division, except for the Probate Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner.

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Honorable Margaret T. Donnelly

Circuit Judge, Division 20

Family Court

Margaret Donnelly was appointed circuit judge in August, 2016, by Gov. Jeremiah W. "Jay" Nixon. She was a St. Louis County Family Court commissioner from 2013 until her appointment as circuit judge.

Judge Donnelly holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Social Work degrees from Saint Louis University, and graduated cum laude from Saint Louis University School of Law in 1988.

From 1988 to 2009, she was engaged in the private practice of law. She served in the Missouri Legislature as a state representative for District 73 from 2003 to 2009, and was the Director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services from 2009 to 2012.

Judge Donnelly has been honored for service by the Missouri Judicial Conference and Legal Services of Eastern Missouri. She received the Women's Justice Citizenship Award, St. Louis Children's Hospital Advocate of the Year award, and Paraquad Disability Rights Legislative Leadership Award.

She is a member of the Missouri Bar, St. Louis County Bar Association, Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis, Women Lawyers' Association and Mound City Bar Association.

Judge Donnelly lives in St. Louis County with her family.

A. Trials and Hearings

  1. Contested trials and hearings (PDL's, TRO's) are held in person.
  2. For short non - contested hearings such as defaults and name changes, they may be held by WebEx or in person. The hearing notice must include the information about WebEx if WebEx is being used.

B. Settlement Conferences

  1. Settlement conferences are held remotely by conference line. The conference line number for Division 20 is: 314-207-6148; Password: 717932#. This number should be included on the Notice/Order setting the conference.
  2. If the attorneys or self-represented parties wish to use WebEx or meet in person for a conference, they should indicate that on the setting memo and include the WebEx information. WebEx 146 566 3289

C. Adult Abuse Docket

  1. Beginning with the docket of February 3, 2022 the Adult Abuse docket will be held in person every Thursday. All cases are set for 9:00AM.
  2. If an individual has a special circumstance making it difficult to participate in person, they may request a hearing by WebEx. The Court will notify both Petitioner and Respondent before the hearing date if the request can be accommodated.

D. Non-Testimonial Motions

  1. Non-testimonial motions (motions to compel discovery, motions for GAL etc.) are held remotely using either the conference line or WebEx, unless a specific request is made to the Court to hold it in person.
  2. The motions are generally set for Thursday afternoons (see below) but if a settlement conference is already set in the case, the motion may be noticed and heard at that same time.

E. Scheduling

  1. Settlement Conferences: First time settlement conferences are scheduled using Acuity with a Notice of Conference being efiled. The attorney scheduling the conference should be sure to include the conference line telephone number on the notice of conference: 314-207-6148; Password: 717932#. If WebEx or in person is preferred, then that should be included on the notice. As a courtesy to the Court, if the other party is self represented the attorney setting the conference should include any email or telephone information they have in addition to a mailing address on the notice.
  2. Thursday afternoon: Matters to be heard on Thursday afternoons are non-testimonial motions, pre-trial/first settings for PDL's and contempts, and non-contested matters such as name changes. The matters are heard using WebEx. After scheduling the matter using Acuity, a Notice including WebEx information must be also be efiled. Please note that unless the Court has indicated that it will hear the PDL or contempt on the first setting, PDL's and contempts set on Thursday afternoons are only for pretrial conferences. A specific setting for hearing will be determined at that time.
  3. Default Hearings: Defaults are heard on Thursday afternoons at 3:30 via WebEx or in person if preferred. An attorney can select any Thursday, giving proper notice to the party in default and efiling the Notice. If the default is being set on a date in less than three weeks, please notify the clerk. You do not need to call the Division requesting a date.
  4. Attorney Withdrawals: Withdrawals are heard on Thursday mornings at 8:45 AM via WebEx. If a settlement conference is set in the case within two (2) weeks of the decision to withdraw, it can be heard at the time of the settlement conference. The attorney should choose any Thursday morning, give proper notice to the client in compliance with the local rule, and then efile the Notice. You do not need to call the Division requesting the date.
  5. TRO's: If an attorney has a TRO, they should email the judge and the clerk and notify them that they wish to have it heard with or without notice pursuant to the Rule, making certain to put TRO in the subject line of the email. The Court will contact the attorney with instructions as to how to proceed. Do Not include the Application for TRO as an attachment until receiving
    instructions from the Court.
  6. General Instructions for Scheduling: If you have an emergency or questions about any of the above, please call the clerk at: 314-615-1520
    a.Conference Line: 314-207-6148; Password: 717932#

    b.Webex Information:
    You may join Division 20 proceedings by entering the Courtroom via
    Webex by:

    * URL:
    * Meeting Number: 146 566 3289 ( and "join" the meeting)
    * Join by phone: +1-408-418-9388 (tolls apply); You must enter Meeting Number: 146 566 3289

    Recording or creating images of any portion of Court proceedings is strictly prohibited by the Missouri Supreme Court, by Local Rule 9.5, and by standing Order of this Division.

Courtroom: 206
Floor: 2 South
Court Reporter:
Susan Kramer
Michael Adams
Phone: 314-615-1520
Fax: 314-615-0142

WebEx Meeting Link:

Call in number:  1-408-418-9388  (tolls apply)
Meeting number:   146 566 3289

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