St. Louis County

Courthouse Tour Guidelines


Advanced notice is required to schedule a guided tour of the St. Louis County Courthouse. Walk-in requests for guided tours on the same day are not available. Guided tours are scheduled subject to the availability of the Public Information Officer. Send an email to  John O'Sullivan at to schedule a tour of the St. Louis County Courthouse.


1) Guided tours of the St. Louis County Courthouse are conducted during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) on weekdays only.

2) Students must be in middle school (grades 6-8) or older to take a guided tour of the courthouse.

3) A guided tour can accommodate groups of up to 50 people at one time, including any teachers, parents, and/or

4) No more than two guided tours will be conducted during a single

5) A tour generally takes about two and a half hours, depending upon the number of questions. Please keep this in mind when planning arrival and departure

6) As a rule, cameras and filming are not allowed inside the courthouse without prior authorization.

7) CELL PHONES ARE NOT PERMITTED INSIDE THE COURTROOM. We strongly recommend leaving cell phones at home or at school. Please inform the security officers of any electronic devices you may have in your

8) Weapons or any objects that could be used as weapons are not allowed inside the courthouse. These include scissors, sharp hair picks, knitting needles, pocket knives, These items will be confiscated at the security posts and will not be returned. All bags, bookbags, purses, etc. will be scanned for contraband.

9) All courtrooms are open to the general public, with the exception of the Juvenile courtrooms. Keep in mind that certain types of trials and the testimony and/or evidence involved in them may include content not suitable for young adults, including graphic descriptions, foul and/or explicit language, and/or graphic video, photographs, and/or audio recordings.


Limited public parking for court visitors is available on metered public lots on South Central Avenue, north of the Courthouse across the street from the St. Louis County Justice Center. The courthouse is also accessible via the MetroLink Clayton Station, one block to the south.

Please enter the Courthouse through the main entrance at 105 South Central Avenue in Clayton. All visitors must go through a security checkpoint. You must remove all metals from your person, including belts, jewelry, watches and steel toed shoes.

Students may off-load and load in the drop-off area outside the main entrance to the St. Louis County Courthouse at 105 South Central Avenue.


Please make every effort to arrive on time. If you are running late, please call as soon as possible. Tour groups that arrive late will only receive a partial tour. Tours may NOT be extended due to a late arrival. Please allow time for any bus drivers who plan to join the tour to park the bus and arrive with the entire group at the agreed upon start time. Tours will begin in the lobby beyond the security checkpoint on the Street Level of the courthouse.


If you must cancel a tour, please send an email to John at immediately. Your tour will be rescheduled subject to the availability of court staff.


We request that a minimum of one (1) chaperone for every ten (10) students be provided.