Our Mission

To serve the citizens of St. Louis County by providing access to a fair, impartial, prompt and cost-effective system of justice that ensures all are treated with courtesy and dignity and that fosters the respect and confidence of the public in an independent judicial system.

To serve the public and foster a professional, accessible judicial environment, treating all individuals with dignity, respect, honesty, and fairness with sensitivity to an increasingly diverse population.

To preserve the integrity of traditional court practices and procedures while recognizing that the creation and maintenance of alternative courts and the use of alternative dispute resolution programs will enhance the delivery of justice to the public.

To respect the interests of the taxpayers of St. Louis County and the State of Missouri by continuously seeking cost-effective methods to improve the delivery of justice services to the public.

To measure and communicate information regarding the performance of the court.

To comply with the directives of the Missouri Supreme Court and the General Assembly of the State of Missouri for the disposition of designated cases with established time standards.