Lacy Rakestraw, Director
105 South Central Ave.
Courts Building, 6th Floor
Telephone Number: 314-615-4726
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:50 p.m.

Law Library Use

• Use of the St. Louis County Law Library is limited to use of the books, materials, and computers for the purposes of legal research and court-related activities.

• Use of the Library as an office for conducting a practice of law or any other business activity is strictly prohibited.

• Patrons shall not engage in activities that violate federal, state or local law or regulation, including (but not limited to) the unauthorized practice of law.

• No patron shall remain in the Library after closing time or after a request to leave, including emergencies and evacuation drills.

• Patrons shall not disturb other patrons in any manner, including asking others for legal advice or assistance. Assistance is available from any Library Staff member, though patrons are warned that Library Staff is prohibited from providing legal advice.

• The Library is not to be used as a break room. Any patron should be actively engaged in the performance of legal research while in the library.

• Patrons are expected to conduct themselves with appropriate behavior and interact with Library Staff in a respectful manner. Behaviors that are inappropriate include but are not limited to inebriation, threats, insults, yelling, using profane or foul language, engaging in lewd acts, and leaving bags unattended. These behaviors will invoke the Library’s Disruption and/or Hostile Patron policies, and potentially the Violations policy.

Internet Usage

• The St. Louis County Law Library has 10 computers available for use by Library patrons. The Library’s computers are in place to give individuals a place to conduct online legal research via free access to Westlaw and various relevant legal websites.

• These computers are for legal research only, and only legal research websites are available on these terminals

.• Use of Library computers to engage in any illegal purpose, including, but not limited to, hacking, misrepresentation, harassment, slander, and violation of Federal copyright laws, is prohibited. Patrons are further prohibited from installing software, connecting personal devices to the terminals, downloading material from thumb drives, CD-ROMs, or the Internet to the terminals’ hard drives, reconfiguring the hardware, software, or system settings, or using the computers in any way that damages the hardware, software, the Library’s local network, or Internet access.

• Patrons are free to bring their own personal computers to the Library to use at one of the available tables. Attorneys wishing to use the Court’s Wi-Fi must visit the I.T. helpdesk located on the sixth floor of the courthouse to obtain the Wi-Fi password. Just as in the Library, use of the Court’s Wi-Fi should be limited to legal research needs only. The Library is not responsible for any materials left unattended or damaged within the Library.

Library Rules: 

The library staff cannot provide legal advice, nor provide assistance filling out legal forms. 

All users of the St. Louis County Law Library must adhere to any and all St. Louis County Court and St. Louis County Law Library procedures, policies, and rules.

Prints & Copies

The computers in the Library are connected to one printer behind the circulation staff desk. This printer is intended to be used to print legal materials only. Patrons are asked to self-regulate their printing needs, and to refrain from printing large amounts of documents. Patrons are further asked to limit their printing only to those documents that are relevant to a current case, and to refrain from printing documents that are simply instructional. Should Library Staff find that this policy has been violated, it is at the discretion of Library Staff to determine whether material printed should be dispersed to patrons.

Print Materials

The St. Louis County Law Library makes many print materials available for patron use. Patrons are allowed to photocopy material at the Library’s copy machines. Copies cost $0.10 per page. This material does not circulate, and must remain within the Library. Any removal of Library material is considered theft, and violators will be prosecuted under Section 570.210.1 of the Missouri Revised Statutes. The Library assumes no responsibility for the currency or accuracy of information retrieved from the print material.

Copy Machines

The St. Louis County Law Library has three copy machines available for public use. Copies cost $0.10 per page. Should patrons have questions about how to use these machines, they are encouraged to ask Library Staff for assistance before attempting to make copies. The Library is not responsible for user error, and will not issue refunds for pages that are incorrectly copied. Copy machines are to be used to copy legal documents only.

Unattended Items
Food, Drink, and Damaged Property