Domestic Violence Council

The St. Louis County Council passed Ordinance No. 18,055 in 1996, which established the St. Louis County Domestic and Family Violence Council.

The mission of the St. Louis County Domestic and Family Violence Council is to build a collaborative community process to increase the awareness and understanding of domestic and family violence and its consequences, and to reduce the incidence of domestic and family violence.  The Council is comprised of community-based organizations, law enforcement, court representatives, educators and both public and private organizations.

The Primary Goals of the Council Are:

  • To effectuate communication and coordination between organizations, agencies, departments and the courts that address domestic and family violence issues;
  • To promote effective prevention, intervention and treatment strategies, plans and resources;
  • To improve the timeliness and effectiveness of response to domestic and family violence by the entire community;
  • To examine and make recommendations relative to domestic and family violence legislation;
  • To promote public education regarding domestic and family violence;
  • To promote effective training of all persons involved with the prevention, intervention and treatment of domestic and family violence victims and perpetrators;
  • To facilitate the development of comprehensive and uniform data collection concerning domestic and family violence for courts, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, health care practitioners and other agencies in a manner that protects the identity of victims of domestic and family violence; and
  • To facilitate the development and implementation of uniform protocols and procedures.

The current Domestic and Family Violence Council Chair is Judge Jason D. Dodson [click to view Judge Dodson's profile].