St. Louis County Court

Rules of Court

The Rules of Court for the 21st Judicial Circuit, St. Louis County are available in Adobe Acrobat.pdf format. To view or print the rules, click on the links listed below. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat reader, click on the "Get Acrobat Reader" icon on the left to download the free software.

The Rules of Court are effective as of June 9, 2010.

Rule Description
Table of Contents Table of Contents
Rule 1 Divisions of Court
Rule 2 Hours and Terms of Court
Rule 3 Pleadings
Rule 4 Filing of Cases
Rule 5 Fees and Costs
Rule 6 Assignment of Judges, Cases and Transfer of Cases
Rule 7 Withdrawals of Papers from Clerk's Office
Rule 8 Publication of Dockets
Rule 9 Courtrooms
Rule 10 Court Reporters and Compensation for Same
Rule 11 Recording of Judicial Proceedings
Rule 12 Monies Paid to Court
Rule 13 Communication with the Court
Rule 14 Court Budget
Rule 15 Clerks
Rules 16 through 20 Reserved
Rule 21 Attorneys
Rule 22 Appointment of Guardian ad Litem
Rule 23 Transcripts
Rule 24 Exhibits
Rule 25 Interpreter or Translator
Rule 26 Presentation of Informal Matters
Rule 27 Confessions of Judgment and Consent to Judgment
Rule 28 Special Process Servers
Rule 29 Use of Information Technology Equipment in the Court
Rule 30 Procedure on Publication
Rule 31 Reserved
Rule 32 Discovery
Rule 33 Pre-Trial Motions
Rule 34 Continuances
Rule 35 Pre-Trial Conferences
Rule 36 Setting Cases for Trial
Rule 37 Dismissals
Rule 38 Alternate Dispute Resolution
Rules 39 through 40 Reserved
Rule 41 Settlement
Rule 42 Default
Rules 43 through 50 Reserved
Rule 51 Court-Tried Cases
Rule 52 Selection of Jury
Rule 53 Jury Trials
Rule 54 Judgment Entry
Rules 55 through 56 Reserved
Rule 57 Interrogatories to Parties in Domestic Cases
Rule 58 Production of Documents in Domestic Cases
Rule 59 Reserved
Rule 60 Cases Filed Pursuant to Chapter 535
Rule 61 Adoption
Rule 62 Driver's Cases
Rule 63 Duty Divisions
Rule 64 Cases Arising Under Chapters 207 & 208 RSMo.
Rule 65 Civil Commitment
Rule 66 Condemnation
Rule 67 Criminal Cases
Rule 68 Family Court Proceedings
Rule 69 Municipal Division
Rule 70 Partition
Rule 71 Administrative Reviews
Rule 72 Probate
Rule 73 Small Claims
Rule 74 Trust Estates
Rules 75 Re Bankruptcy
Rules 76 through 80 Reserved
Rule 81 Execution
Rule 82 Garnishment
Rule 83 Judicial Sales
Rules 84 through 99 Reserved
Rule 100 Administration Rules
Index Index