Administrative Order 29 – Court Operations During Stay at Home Order

May 11, 2020

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Victims of Domestic Violence Can File for Orders of Protection Online

April 23, 2020
St. Louis County Circuit Court
105 South Central Avenue
Clayton, Missouri 63105



Victims of Domestic Violence Can File for Orders of Protection Online
Innovation Driven by COVID-19 Pandemic Will Improve Safety, Efficiency Long-Term

 CLAYTON, MO April 23, 2020 – Getting an order of protection is now safer, simpler and easier for victims of domestic violence in St. Louis County during the COVID-19 health emergency. Victims can file for orders of protection online, without the need to travel to the courthouse, arrange for childcare or leave work. St. Louis County is the only judicial circuit in the state – and one of the few in the nation – where online filing for orders of protection is possible.

“We are concerned about an increase in domestic violence with the stay-at-home order currently in place,” said St. Louis County Circuit Judge Jason Dodson. “We want to ensure people have access to orders of protection and the remedies they provide without having to leave their homes.”

Thousands of orders of protection are filed annually in St. Louis County, the largest and busiest judicial circuit in the state of Missouri. With shelter-in-place orders issued by St. Louis County Executive Sam Page and Missouri Governor Mike Parson and unemployment spiking, experts anticipate that domestic violence will increase, including intimate partner violence, child abuse and even family disputes.

Previously, victims of domestic violence seeking an order of protection had to come to the St. Louis County Courthouse in Clayton, fill out paperwork with the Adult Abuse Office during business hours, wait for a judge to review it, and in some cases come back a second time. Now victims can simply download the necessary forms from the Court’s website,, complete them on their own computers, and email them back to the Court for review and approval by a judge.  The online application process currently is available during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday 9 a.m. to noon, but soon will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Online filing will also make processing requests for orders of protection easier and simpler for local law enforcement agencies who are often contacted by domestic violence victims after hours. In addition to the new online application process, the Court has established a new  domestic violence protocol to ensure that one judge is always on-call to review exclusively requests for orders of protection.

Starting April 20, court hearings on orders of protection can be conducted remotely, providing victims, respondents, attorneys and witness the option of appearing by videoconference.  In-person hearings observing appropriate social distancing rules are also available at the Courthouse for litigants without access to remote technology.

“We developed this innovation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to protect not only our staff, but victims of domestic violence in St. Louis County from potential exposure to the virus,” said St. Louis County Judge Amanda B. McNelley. “But this will have a positive impact on the way our courts address domestic violence and assist the victims of domestic violence in the long term.”




For more information contact:

Christine Bertelson, Director of Strategic Communications
St. Louis County Circuit Court
105 South Central Avenue
Clayton, MO 63105
314-615-2643 or 314-202-3400

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Family Court Administrative Judge Order No. 183

April 22, 2020


St. Louis County Courts Divisions

Div Judge Phone Judicial Assignment Floor Court Room
1 Honorable Brian H. May 314-615-1501 Civil and Criminal 3 388
2 Honorable Richard M. Stewart 314-615-1502 Civil and Criminal 3 382
3 Honorable Sandra Farragut-Hemphill 314-615-1503 Family Court 1 101
4 Honorable Joseph S. Dueker 314-615-1504 Civil and Criminal 3 385
5 Honorable Renée Hardin-Tammons 314-615-1505 Family Court 4 489
6 Honorable John N. Borbonus 314-615-1506 Civil and Criminal 3 384
7 Honorable Mary Elizabeth Ott 314-615-1507 Civil and Criminal 3 381
8 Honorable Dean P. Waldemer 314-615-1508 Civil and Criminal 3 387
9 Honorable David Lee Vincent, III 314-615-1509 Civil and Criminal 4 486
10 Honorable Jason D. Dodson 314-615-1510 Civil and Criminal 4 482
11 Honorable Ellen Sue Levy 314-615-1511 Probate 3 501
12 Honorable Stanley J. Wallach 314-615-1512 Civil and Criminal 4 480
13 Honorable Bruce F. Hilton 314-615-1513 Family Court 3 380
14 Honorable Kristine Kerr 314-615-1514 Civil and Criminal 4 488
15 Honorable John D. Warner 314-615-1515 Civil and Criminal 3 383
16 Honorable Michael Burton 314-615-1516 Treatment Court 4 485
17 Honorable Joseph L. Walsh, III 314-615-1517 Civil and Criminal 4 487
18 Honorable Ellen H. Ribaudo 314-615-1518 Civil and Criminal 4 483
19 Honorable Thomas C. Albus 314-615-1519 Civil and Criminal 3 332
20 Honorable Margaret T. Donnelly 314-615-1520 Family Court 2 206
21 Honorable Nancy Watkins McLaughlin 314-615-1521 Civil and Criminal 3 386
31 Honorable Nicole S. Zellweger 314-615-1531 Family Court 2 205
32 Honorable Mary Bruntrager Schroeder 314-615-1532 Family Court 2 284
33 Honorable Heather R. Cunningham 314-615-1533 Family Court 2 282
34 Honorable Amanda B. McNelley 314-615-1534 Associate Civil 2 280
35 Honorable Lorne J. Baker 314-615-1535 Associate Civil 2 283
36 Honorable Joseph L. Green 314-615-1536 Family Court 2 201
37 Honorable John R. Essner 314-615-1537 Family Court 2 202
38 Honorable John R. Lasater 314-615-1538 Associate Civil 2 286
39 Honorable Ellen W. Dunne 314-615-1539 Family Court 1 102
40 Honorable John Newsham 314-615-1540 Associate Civil 3 A
41 Honorable Virginia Lay 314-615-1541 Family Court 2 281
42 Honorable Robert Heggie 314-615-1542 Associate Civil 2 287
43 Honorable Mondonna L. Ghasedi 314-615-1543 Criminal 3 B
44 Honorable Matthew Hearne 314-615-1544 Associate Civil 2 285
46 Honorable Chastidy Dillon-Amelung 314-615-1546 Traffic 2 288
47 Honorable Peggy McCartney 314-615-1546 Traffic 2 288
61 Honorable Diane M. Monahan 314-615-1561 Family Court 1 104
62 Honorable Catherine W. Keefe 314-615-1562 Family Court 1 103
64 Honorable Victoria Mullen McKee 314-615-1564 Family Court 2 203
65 Honorable Mary Greaves 314-615-1565 Family Court 2 204
66 Honorable William J. Gust 314-615-7565 Probate 5 502
67 Honorable Misty Watson 314-615-2624 Probate 5 502
68 Honorable Megan Julian 314-615-1568 Treatment Court 4 484


You can now change your address with the Court by either calling the Office of the State Court Administrator at 1-888-541-4894 (option 1), or by sending an email to and provide them with your name, bar number, new address and new business phone number. The address change will be automatically sent to all Missouri Courts.

IMPORTANT: You will still need to change your address in the e-filing system, as well as with the Missouri Bar.