St. Louis County Courts Electronic Filing

Starting Monday October 5, 2015, St. Louis County Circuit Court will begin requiring electronically filed cases and documents for Criminal cases. This does not include Traffic cases. Circuit Civil, Probate, Associate Civil, Domestic Relations and Department of Revenue Tax Lien cases will continue to be required to be filed electronically.

Attorneys if you haven't already registered for a free eFiling account, click on the box below to register.

Attorney webinars can be accessed by clicking on this link or going to Electronic Filing Training

If you need assistance registering, please contact the State Courts Help Desk

Or toll-free at: (888) 541-4894

7:30am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday excluding state holidays.

eFiling Administrative Orders

Administrative Order 13

This order, issued on August 21, 2015 establishes criminal case types and time frame for criminal eFiling to begin in St. Louis County.

Family Court Administrative Order 141

This amended order, issued on October 25, 2016, governs eFiling of Proposed Judgments in Family Court.

Family Court Administrative Order 139

This order, issued on March 24, 2015, governs eFiling of Motions to Modify in Family Court.

Administrative Order 15

This order, issued on March 18, 2014, establishes case types and time frame for eFiling to begin in St. Louis County.

Probate Administrative Order

This order, issued on March 3, 2014, outlines the discontinued use of sub-case numbers and issues concerning adversary probate proceedings.