Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the associated Supreme Court and St. Louis County Administrative Orders, all matters that do not involve a defendant who is currently in the St. Louis County Jail will be postponed and rescheduled. This process will continue throughout any extension of those orders unless notified otherwise.

The Court will be sending you a notice of your new court date.  It is the defendant’s responsibility to make sure that the Court has the defendant’s current address and to check on the next court date if they do not get notice in the mail.  Please check CaseNet at for information about your case, including your next court date.  We also recommend that you sign-up for Track This Case.

For general questions, our associate criminal clerks are available by phone at 314-615-2661 during normal business hours.  Fines may also be paid online on CaseNet

Due to the coronavirus protocols, we have greatly reduced staffing and access to voicemail will be limited.  Therefore, email will be the most reliable means of contacting the Division Clerk. 

In accordance Administrative Order 19, all associate criminal dockets will be held by Zoom telephone/video conferencing.

ATTORNEYS: Please check CaseNet as soon as possible to get information on how to connect by Zoom and to submit the Zoom Setting Information Sheet that is required at least three (3) business days prior to the setting.


9:00 a.m.:  Confined Docket – Daily**

  • Confined Self-Represented Call Docket Cases ONLY, if any - M-T-W-TH (except for days previously designated as jury weeks or Confined Only per the Division calendars)

10:00 a.m.: Confined Bond Review Docket- Daily

**PLEASE NOTE, THIS DOCKET WILL BE COVERED BY ANOTHER JUDGE USING THE ZOOM MEETING ID OF THE ASSOCIATE CRIMINAL JUDGE WHO IS NOT ASSIGNED TO COVER ON THAT DAY.  For example, if Judge Ghasedi is covering M-W-F, then these dockets will use Judge Newsham’s Zoom Meeting ID (154-591-796) on M-W-F and Judge Ghasedi’s Meeting ID (129-140-747) on T-Th and alternate thereafter accordingly.

 10:30 a.m.: 

  • Confined Preliminary Hearings - M-T-W-TH (except for days previously designated as jury weeks or Confined Only per the Division calendars)

ATTORNEYS:  Please check your settings in advance.  If you do not intend to have the hearing for the confined defendant or if you represent the defendant and you wish to waive the defendant’s appearance, please notify opposing counsel and the Division Clerk at least one (1) business day in advance so we can avoid an unnecessary move and contact within the jail.

IN-PERSON HEARINGS: Pursuant to Administrative Order 19, in-person hearings may only be held in “limited and extreme circumstances only and based on a determination that alternative methods for conducting said hearings cannot occur.”  Administrative Order 19 sets forth the only matters that are eligible for an in-person hearing, including initial appearances and mandatory bond reviews (those set after an initial appearance). In the event you believe that you will be prejudiced by a telephone or video hearing, you must first contact opposing counsel to determine if a continuance is appropriate and if both parties consent to a continuance.  If not, you must immediately file a Motion for In-Person Hearing (no later than four (4) business days in advance of the setting) and state facts to support why there is no reasonable alternative to an in-person hearing and why a telephone or video conference is not sufficient. The Motion must state the names of the requesting party’s essential attendees.  You must email a copy of the Motion to the Division Clerk and opposing council upon filing.  Opposing counsel must file a consent or objection within (2) business days of the filing of the Motion and include a list of his/her essential attendees. A copy of opposing counsel’s pleading must be emailed to the Division Clerk and opposing Counsel upon filing.  An Order will be entered in the Court file. If granted, a copy of the Order will be required to gain entry to the building. Please note, due to limited staffing, efiling alone is NOT sufficient.  You must also email your pleadings to the Division Clerk.

ROTATING APPEARANCES BY JUDGE: Beginning March 30, 2020, Judges Newsham and Ghasedi will alternate each week with one judge covering dockets M-W-F and the other covering T-TH.  Starting that week, Judge Ghasedi will cover M-W-F’s dockets and Judge Newsham will cover T-TH’s dockets. The following week (April 6th) they will swap (Judge Ghasedi will cover T-TH; Judge Newsham will cover M-W-F) and they will continue to rotate per that schedule. Therefore, each Division will set their bond hearings on their corresponding days.  The schedule is:

Week ofDivision 40Division 43
In the event of
an extension:

SETTING HEARINGS FOR THE CONFINED DEFENDANTS:  The Court will set hearings for confined defendant’s only. Please set bond reviews in the appropriate division according to the above schedule or your notice will be denied.  After you efile your Notice of Hearing and Zoom Information Sheet, which is available on our website, please forward copies to the Division Clerk by email. Please remember that all motions must be filed in writing, with a notice of hearing, and give proper and timely notice to opposing counsel.  Only properly requested and noticed motions will be set.  Efiling alone is NOT sufficient and your matter will not be set if the correct documents are not efiled and timely received by the Division Clerk.  Motions involving non-confined defendants and Motions to Withdraw will not be heard until the Court has returned to normal operations.

WARRANT RECALLS AND CONSENT BOND MEMOS:  Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the reduced staff and limited access to the building, please efile your Consent Bond Memos and Warrant Recalls. There may be delays in processing efiled documents due to reduced staffing.  Therefore, if time is of the essence, after the document is efiled contact the Associate Criminal/Traffic Clerk during normal business hours at 314-615-2675 or 314-615-4795. If it the office is closed, please contact the Duty Judge. Ultimately, is the attorney’s responsibility to follow-up and ensure that the paperwork is presented to a judge.  Note:  non-traffic Warrant Recalls and Consent Bond Memos must be signed by a prosecuting attorney or include a confirmation from the prosecuting attorney that he or she consents to the recall. Please obtain a new court date from the Associate Criminal Department prior to filing your warrant recall. Warrant recalls that do not state the new court date and time will be DENIED.

TRIALS: If you have a bench trial set with a confined defendant, please contact the other side and advise the Division Clerk immediately by email if you have an agreement on how to proceed or if you need to discuss the matter with the judge by Zoom.

Division 40 Zoom Setting
Information Sheet

Division 43 Zoom Setting
Information Sheet