AIKW 30 – H.E.A.L. Stop Heroin, Alternative Treatment Court

Episode 30 of the All In, Kids Win podcast is a compilation of three interviews related to substance abuse and dependency. We hope the content serves to inform the public about the risks of prescription and illicit opiate abuse and to convey the message that help is available.

Part 1: Ellis and Patty Fitzwalter; Founders of H.E.A.L. Stop Heroin
H.E.A.L. Stop Heroin is a local grassroots organization dedicated to spreading awareness about the opiate epidemic. Since the Fitzwalter’s son’s death in 2014 from an accidental heroin overdose, it has been their mission to share their story with the community to raise awareness and educate others about the the dangers of opiates. Visit or to learn more.

Part 2: John Buck, Alternative Treatment Court Administrator for St. Louis County Circuit Court
John Buck provides an overview of the Alternative Treatment Court here at St. Louis County Circuit Court.

Part 3: Honorable Michael Burton
Judge Michael Burton shares insights and his perspective from the bench as the Judge of the Alternative Treatment Court.

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AIKW 29 – Rx Outreach

Interview with Darryl Munden, President
The Rx Outreach Team is located at our pharmacy in St. Louis, Missouri. Our team of licensed pharmacists and Patient Care Advocates are tied together by a shared passion for our mission and the patients we serve. At Rx Outreach, we believe that everyone deserves access to affordable medications. No one should ever have to choose between filling a prescription and feeding their family. That’s why Rx Outreach exists. Since 2010, we have saved our patients more than $631 million in prescription medication costs.

3171 Riverport Tech Center Drive
Maryland Heights, MO 63043
1-888-RXO-1234 (1-888-796-1234)

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AIKW 28 – Elevate St. Louis

Interview with Frank Bell, Executive Director
Building long-term, life-changing relationships with urban youth, equipping them to thrive and contribute to their community.
Elevate’s unique, relationship-based approach employs full-time staff who represent the community they serve. Part teacher, part mentor, part life coach, our dedicated team members make themselves available 24/7 to build relationships with students. The strength of these relationships is developed through four key program components: Accredited Classes, Mentoring, Adventure and College Career

Elevate St Louis
6614 Clayton Road #303
Richmond Heights, MO 63117
Phone: 314-913-4136

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AIKW – 27 The Ferguson Youth Initiative

Interview by Marlon Chambers
Interview with Aaron Harris, ED & Dwayne James, Chairman

The Ferguson Youth Initiative (FYI) is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization serving the youth of the Ferguson community. FYI empowers teens from Ferguson and surrounding communities to become productive, positive, & contributing members of the community.

Contact info if you have any questions or want additional information.
106 Church Street
Ferguson, MO 63135

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AIKW 26 – Therapeutic Mentoring – Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services

Interview with Jason Beard, MS – Regional Director of East/Central Region
Main Number: (800)888-1904

Unlike other social service agencies, PCHAS combines data-driven program design and expertly trained staff with a philosophy of care that keeps everyone—from social workers to executive leaders—focused on the goals and strengths of each child and their family.

Studies show that young people with mentors are 52% less likely to skip school and 32% less likely to act out violently.

Families and school counselors may refer children ages 5-19 to this program. Therapeutic mentors, who are paid, have a degree in a social science or education. They meet with each child and his/her family to set goals and reach those goals. Mentors meet with the children at home, school or in the community at least once a week for up to a year. The program is free to any at-risk child in the areas served.

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AIKW 25 – Family Solutions for Kids – Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services

Interview with Christina Helm, MA, LPC – Case Therapist Supervisor
Main Number: (800)888-1904

Unlike other social service agencies, PCHAS combines data-driven program design and expertly trained staff with a philosophy of care that keeps everyone—from social workers to executive leaders—focused on the goals and strengths of each child and their family.

We help:
•Families in need of emotional support
•Single parents who feel overwhelmed
•Grandparents raising grandchildren
•Families struggling with a child’s difficult behavior
•Parents who are at the end of their rope and not sure where to turn
•Our masters-level and state-licensed specialists have served more than 10,000 families over the past ten years. Their proven approach, as well as their compassion and patience, has saved many families from breaking apart.

First, specialists make sure the children are safe. Then they help families create goals to work toward and support them when they need it, for as long as they need it. This may include:
•Identifying a family’s strengths and areas where they can grow
•Building up parenting skills
•Individual and family counseling
•Working on daily routines and healthy relationships
•Assisting a family member with temporary out-of-home placement if needed

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AIKW 24 – Dred Scott Heritage Foundation

Dred Scott Heritage Foundation
Interview with Lynne M. Jackson, President and Founder and Great-great granddaughter of Dred and Harriet Scott.

The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation’s mission is to educate the public of the critical impact of the Dred Scott Decision and the struggle for freedom of Dred and Harriet Scott through commemoration, education and reconciliation. To learn more about the foundation or the history of Dred and Harriet Scott, visit:

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AIKW 23 – Marygrove

Episode 23 – Marygrove
Rose Crofford, Chief Operating Officer
Kelly Peplinski, Director of Intensive Needs
Mike Baer, Director of Transitional and Independent Living

2705 Mullanphy Lane
Florissant, MO 63031


Marygrove has a rich history of more than 165 years caring for children, teens and young adults, offering a safe and healing environment for its residents. The children and adolescents who are placed at Marygrove have often been through multiple, failed placements in other residential facilities or foster homes. Many come from abusive, violent and severely disruptive family situations; some come from failed adoptions; and, in a few instances, children are discharged from psychiatric hospitals directly to Marygrove. Most of the residents are diagnosed with behavioral and psychiatric disorders as a result of abuse and neglect. Without Marygrove’s services, these children and adolescents would face a future living in a much more restrictive environment.

The children and young Marygrove Arial revised adults at Marygrove live and grow up in a safe and nurturing environment, and they have an opportunity to heal in a stable, family-like setting. Professional caregivers provide structure while therapists provide an individualized treatment program and counseling to help each child overcome personal obstacles and establish responsible, attainable goals for the short and long-term future.

Marygrove is one of the largest therapeutic residential treatment programs in Missouri and is a new beginning for the 200 children and young adults served each day. Many arrive at Marygrove’s doors with immediate needs that include clean clothes, food and medical treatment. They receive all these things in addition to a safe haven and the nurturing and care of round-the-clock staff and therapeutic treatment from licensed, Masters-level therapists.

Today, through its broad spectrum of residential and community-based programming, including therapeutic residential treatment and foster care, transitional and independent living programs, crisis care, education and recreational therapy, family counseling, parenting education and mentoring Marygrove enriches the lives of over 1,000 young people each year.

As part of the Archdiocese of St. Louis we participate in the Annual Catholic Appeal.

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AIKW 22 – Voices for Children – CASA of St. Louis

Court Appointed Special Advocates
Interview with Steve Moergen, Executive Director
105 S. Central Avenue
Clayton, MO 63105

Since 1984, CASA Volunteers have been advocating for St. Louis’ children and youth. As the only Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA Volunteer) member program in St. Louis City and County, our CASA volunteers offer a stable voice on behalf of the regions 1,700 children and youth in foster care. The National CASA Association is a membership organization that supports and promotes court-appointed volunteer advocacy programs like Voices for Children so every abused or neglected child in the United States can be safe, have a permanent home and the opportunity to thrive.

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AIKW 21 – Saint Martha’s Hall – Domestic Violence Shelter

Interview with Jessica Woolbright, Children’s Program Coordinator
P.O. Box 4950
St. Louis, MO 63108
(314)533-1313 (Available 24/7)

St. Martha’s Hall is a not-for-profit agency, which provides a shelter care program for abused women and their children. Our mission is to help battered women and their children break the cycle of violence in their lives. In an attempt to accomplish this, we:
•offer an immediate, confidential safe place for abused women and their children to live;
•provide a supportive environment with a strong emphasis on peer support;
•implement a self-help philosophy to enhance self-esteem and decision-making skills;
•staff 24- hour crisis line;
•provide accurate information and referrals to abused women and their children and when appropriate to their abusers;
•provide advocacy services;
•provide individual crisis, group and family counseling;
•provide follow up support and
•offer community education to increase public awareness and understanding of domestic violence.

Strong emphasis is placed on peer support. Support groups with women in similar situations, facilitated by staff, encourage women to be aware of the dynamics of woman battering and their own worth, goals, options, and skills for being independent. The program tries to ensure community effort, cooperation, independence and support of the women and their children that reside here. The staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors of St. Martha’s Hall are dedicated to empowering women to live violence-free lives.

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