Associate Criminal Docket Operations

Associate Criminal has revamped its docketing structure and approach to account for the post corona reality where social distancing and large crowds are no longer acceptable norms.  We are operating with the following understanding:

  1. Jurors will be in high demand and short supply.  There will likely be no jurors available in June and July 2020 and it will be difficult to get jurors thereafter.
  2. There may be difficulty in convening a grand jury.
  3. We will continue to operate using interactive video technology and in person hearings will be the exception, not the rule.
  4. Everyone, attorneys included, should avoid unnecessary trips to the courthouse and paper filings.
  5. Confined cases are prioritized.  Cases should be prioritized based upon the seriousness of the offense and age of the case.
  6. Social distancing and safety standards must be maintained at all times.
  7. Masking will be required.
  8. Entry to the Courthouse may be restricted and/or limited to one check point.

Due to the social distancing restrictions and our small courtrooms, our docket structure will change drastically. We will have to think of our dockets in new and different ways and embrace technology.  We will have a staggered approach to our dockets and to our implementation of a new docket structure.  The use of interactive video technology will be the default until notified otherwise. For everyone’s safety, in-person proceedings will only occur when absolutely necessary and when approved by the court.  As much as we would like to see you, we ask that you only visit the courthouse in person when absolutely necessary. 

Please also understand that this is a fluid and unpredictable situation and we will all need to be flexible.  Things will continue to evolve and change as needed and in accordance with the circumstances. Click to finish reading the Associate Criminal Docket Operations.