As of now, until April 3rd, all matters that do not involve a defendant who is currently in the St. Louis County Jail will be postponed and rescheduled. This process will continue throughout any extension of those orders unless notified otherwise. 

The Court will be sending you a notice of your new court date.  It is the defendant’s responsibility to make sure that the Court has the defendant’s current address and to check on the next court date if they do not get notice in the mail.  Please check CaseNet at for information about your case, including your next court date.  We also recommend that you sign-up for Track This Case.

We strongly discourage in-person visits to the courthouse.  Our clerks are available by phone during normal business hours.  Fines may also be paid online on CaseNet

To control crowd size in our relatively small courtrooms, non-witnesses will not be permitted in the associate criminal courtrooms unless previously authorized by the Judge.  If you wish to attend Court, please contact the prosecuting attorney, defense attorney or Division clerk directly. 

We ask that you maintain social distance of at least 6 feet when possible. Please avoid sitting by others and leave at least two seats in any direction between you and someone else.


10:00 Confined Docket – Daily

10:00 Confined Self-Represented Call Docket Cases ONLY, if any – M-T-W-TH (except for days previously designated as jury weeks or Confined Only per the Division calendars)  

10:00 Confined Bond Review Docket– Daily 

10:30 Confined Preliminary Hearings – M-T-W-TH (except for days previously designated as jury weeks or Confined Only per the Division calendars)

ATTORNEYS:  Please check your settings in advance.  If you do not intend to have the hearing for the confined defendant or if you represent the defendant and you wish to waive the defendant’s appearance, please notify opposing counsel and the Division clerk in advance so we can avoid an unnecessary move and contact within the jail.

APPEARANCE BY VIDEO: If you or any witness wishes to appear via video or phone conferencing please contact opposing counsel and advise them of the request.  Then contact the Division clerk at least 48 hours in advance of the setting.  Efiling a request is alone is NOT sufficient. A confirmation email will be sent to you by the Division clerk.  Please respond to the email to confirm receipt. If you do not receive an email it is the attorney’s responsibility to follow up with the Division clerk.

WITNESSES: You will need to get a Court Order in advance for security to permit witnesses to enter the building.  Please be mindful of how many people are in the courtroom and if prudent ask your witnesses to wait in the large rotunda area outside the courtroom.

TRIALS: If you have a bench trial set with a confined defendant, please contact the other side and advise the Division clerk immediately if you have an agreement on how to proceed or if you need to discuss the matter with the judge. A protocol may be established in the near future to deal with this issue.

FILING OF DOCUMENTS: Our clerks are usually very liberal about our efiling policy but we have instructed our clerks to refuse to accept unnecessary paperwork that should be efiled per our efiling policy. This does not apply to documents that will prevent the arrest or that will allow the release of a defendant where time is of the essence.