AIKW 30 – H.E.A.L. Stop Heroin, Alternative Treatment Court

Episode 30 of the All In, Kids Win podcast is a compilation of three interviews related to substance abuse and dependency. We hope the content serves to inform the public about the risks of prescription and illicit opiate abuse and to convey the message that help is available.

Part 1: Ellis and Patty Fitzwalter; Founders of H.E.A.L. Stop Heroin
H.E.A.L. Stop Heroin is a local grassroots organization dedicated to spreading awareness about the opiate epidemic. Since the Fitzwalter’s son’s death in 2014 from an accidental heroin overdose, it has been their mission to share their story with the community to raise awareness and educate others about the the dangers of opiates. Visit or to learn more.

Part 2: John Buck, Alternative Treatment Court Administrator for St. Louis County Circuit Court
John Buck provides an overview of the Alternative Treatment Court here at St. Louis County Circuit Court.

Part 3: Honorable Michael Burton
Judge Michael Burton shares insights and his perspective from the bench as the Judge of the Alternative Treatment Court.