AIKW 25 – Family Solutions for Kids – Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services

Interview with Christina Helm, MA, LPC – Case Therapist Supervisor
Main Number: (800)888-1904

Unlike other social service agencies, PCHAS combines data-driven program design and expertly trained staff with a philosophy of care that keeps everyone—from social workers to executive leaders—focused on the goals and strengths of each child and their family.

We help:
•Families in need of emotional support
•Single parents who feel overwhelmed
•Grandparents raising grandchildren
•Families struggling with a child’s difficult behavior
•Parents who are at the end of their rope and not sure where to turn
•Our masters-level and state-licensed specialists have served more than 10,000 families over the past ten years. Their proven approach, as well as their compassion and patience, has saved many families from breaking apart.

First, specialists make sure the children are safe. Then they help families create goals to work toward and support them when they need it, for as long as they need it. This may include:
•Identifying a family’s strengths and areas where they can grow
•Building up parenting skills
•Individual and family counseling
•Working on daily routines and healthy relationships
•Assisting a family member with temporary out-of-home placement if needed