AIKW 15 – Mentor Program of St. Louis County Court

The St. Louis County Circuit Court has recognized the value and need for positive role model interaction with adolescents who are under the Court’s supervision. By becoming a Mentor, you can help a young person make a successful transition into adulthood.

A Mentor is an adult, (21 years of age or older) who is willing to listen, give support, and spend quality time with a youth age 12-16 on a consistent basis. Through demonstration, instruction, and encouragement, a Mentor works with the youth to develop their self-esteem, positive attitudes, and socially appropriate behaviors.

Interview with Marlon Chambers (Mentor Program Specialist), Rod Scott (Mentor) and “Martin” (Mentee).

To volunteer, or for more information about the Court’s Mentor Program, call (314)615-4400.
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