Episode 10 – STL County Juvenile Detention Center

St. Louis County Juvenile Detention Center
Cheryl Campbell, Director
Kellie Landaker, Assistant Director


Hear about what it’s like inside the St. Louis County Juvenile Detention Center. The Detention Center provides for the safe and secure custody of juveniles alleged to have committed an offense that brings them within the jurisdiction of the Court. These juveniles are detained only if it is believed that they present a threat to themselves or the community. They remain in detention until the Court hears their case or until appropriate alternative arrangements can be made.

The Detention Center provides for the basic needs of its residents: shelter, food, clothing and medical care. But just as importantly, the Center’s staff provides a wide range of support services intended to help promote the juvenile’s physical, social and emotional development. These services include drug and alcohol counseling, arts and crafts, mental health screening and counseling, self-help programs, educational and vocational services, fitness sessions, voluntary religious services, recreational programs and many other activities.

The Department of Health of St. Louis County provides a registered nurse, a nurse practitioner and visiting physician. The Center’s medical program is accredited through the National Commission on Correctional Health. The Episcopal City Mission provides Chaplains for the Center who, with volunteer staff, offer counseling, grief groups, enrichment programs and voluntary religious services to residents. The Court’s Family and Clinical Services Department has a staff member housed in detention five days a week and contracts for services on evenings and weekends to provide coverage seven days a week and late evening hours five days a week.