Probate Court

105 S. Central Avenue, 5th Floor, Clayton, MO 63105
Information Line: 314-615-2629
Probate Fax Number: 314-615-8293
Hours of Operation - Monday through Friday - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Judge Ellen Levy

Div. 11
(314) 615-1511

Commissioner William Gust

Division 66
(314) 615-7565

Deputy Commissioner Misty Watson

Division 67
(314) 615-2624

The Probate Court of the 21st Circuit was created in 1877 when St. Louis County became a government entity separate from the City of St. Louis.

The Court has statutory authority over the estates of deceased persons; incapacitated and/or disabled adults and minors.  Litigation involving trusts including those trusts established in Wills are heard in Probate.  Cases involving the civil commitment to treatment facilities for persons suffering from mental illness or substance abuse as well as case involving the institutionalization of persons alleged to be sexually violent predators are also heard in Probate.

Our clerks are prohibited from giving legal advice pursuant to Section 484.020 RSMo.  However, our clerks may provide limited assistance in filling out forms necessary for obtaining an Order of Refusal of Letters pursuant to Section 473.091 RSMo.

Case information may be accessed via Case.Net –  Cases disposed prior to July 12, 2004, are not available online.  You will need to call the Probate Information number listed above for assistance.


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