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The forms listed below can be used by attorneys and litigants for cases filed in the 21st Judicial Circuit. Not all forms used by the court will be made available on the Internet. Be advised that some forms, require more than one copy to be filed. It is your responsibility to provide the court with the appropriate number of copies.

Important Note:
Forms must be printed one form per page.  The Circuit Clerk's Office will not accept forms that are printed on both sides of the page.  See Local Court Rule 3.2.

Please Note:
These forms are approved for use in St. Louis County Circuit Court - 21st Judicial Circuit. The forms may not necessarily be approved for use in other Missouri Circuit Courts. To provide excellent customer service, some services and programs listed on this page are provided by St. Louis County and some by the State of Missouri or other agency.

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Adoption Day Packet,

Application for Participation in Adoption Awareness Day. …

adoption family-court
Affidavit Acknowledging Paternity

Affidavit of Expense,

Identifies petitioner’s expenses incurred relating to the adoption.

adoption family-court
Application and Order of Publication,

Required when the whereabouts of a party requiring service is unknown or service can not be obtained.

adoption family-court
Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage

09/2004 domestic
Consent of Co-Petitioner,

Completed by a petitioner that is the biological or legal parent.

adoption family-court
Consent of Minor Child,

Required to be completed by any minor child age 14 or over who is the subject of the adoption.

adoption family-court
Form 14 – Child Support Amount Calculation Worksheet

GAL Entry of Appearance,

Upon appointment, the GAL completes this form and files with the court.

adoption family-court
GAL Letter to Petitioner,

Completed by the GAL after reviewing the adoption case. Letter provided to the petitioner’s attorney with directions on potential further action required on the adoption.

adoption family-court
Income Withholding for Support

02/2011 domestic
Judgment and Decree of Adoption,

Fillable proposed judgment and decree of adoption.

adoption family-court
Judgment and Decree of Recognition of Adoption of Child in Foreign Country,

Fillable proposed judgment and decree of recognition of adoption of child in foreign country.

adoption family-court
Judgment and Order of Transfer of Custody,

Fillable proposed judgment and order of transfer of custody for an adoption case.

adoption family-court
Judgment Decree of Adoption – Adult,

Fillable proposed judgment of a decree of adoption for an adult.

adoption family-court
Model Contract for Parenting Coordination

Motion for Home Study,

Completed by the GAL to request a home study in an adoption case.

adoption family-court
Parenting Plan

Request for Publication after Judgment of Change of Name for Adult Individual

10/2016 domestic
Request for Publication after Judgment of Change of Name for Minor Child

10/2016 domestic

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