Episode 4 – Man of Valor w Bishop Luther Baker

Man of Valor, Inc.
Bishop Luther Baker


To provide men and their families with the necessary resources and tools that can empower them to impact their communities and transform their lives. The more we can create positive and healthy relationships in the family. The stronger the family and community will be. The strength of the community is in the family and the strength of the family is within the father. Some things you cannot do in your own strength. There are appointed people and resources for one’s future.

There are men, families, and communities that feel stuck. Being stuck can only bring frustration, that tries to wreck the plans of one’s destiny. The frustration won’t change by wishing and no strategy. It takes planning and strategy to move families and communities forward and to bring about change. True change can only come through a renewed mind and a total change of heart. For out of the heart of a man flows the issues of life.